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CPRowe Photography www.cprowe.com

“Laquimah teaches a class that is accessible to dancers of all levels and she skillfully creates opportunity for students to find their own voice within her class. Her kindness translates through her teaching. Her hands-on approach and availability to students makes each class a personalized experience.” Talia Mason, Bates College, '15


When educating others, one becomes better educated in knowing, learning, and teaching. I believe this is a process that is never ending within my responsibility as a dance educator. My teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that education is an exploration of uncharted territory for both the student and the teacher. This foundation keeps me focused while teaching in remembering who I am as an individual and as a student within a greater community of learning.

We teach what we know and we use methods of teaching that we ourselves experienced. We recreate how we were taught and our history of how we personally learn and interact with groups.  I enjoy showing and doing. It allows myself and students to continuously work through material and research. 

As a kinesthetic learner, I support an active learning environment for students that embraces strength and physicality. I strive to create an open and honest environment that motivates hard work and individual research in finding the quality of the performance the movement demands. 

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Spring 2014 Hip Hop Syllabus

Spring 2014 Dance Composition Syllabus